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     California Water and Power Status
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     AM/FM/TV transmit towers

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         California' other two Suicide bridges
         Rivers effect on borders
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         Tallest place on earth
     The Poles


     Geographic Oddities
         Aokigahara Forest
         Berkeley China walls
         Bull Sharks
         777 Strange Bird Strike


     Air Travel
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         The World's Most Iconic Planespotting Locations


Bonanza Creek Ranch

Tragic Shooting on set
HITC articleMap


Another Where Was Ghostbusters Afterlife Filmed? article
Adam Salvage's backstage video

Shooting locations
Apartment the family was evicted from
Calgary Film Centre
Many inside shots
Movie used all three sound stages (50,000 sq ft)

Driving into Summerville
Watertower (in the movie the name on it is Summerville)
Drive down main street
Per siesmic maps in the movie the pretend Summerville is located where Woodward, OK actually is.

Foothills County
Farmhouse location
Nearby intersection (driveway about 500 feet on the right)
Many daylight interiors shot here. All structures removed after shooting.

Ng's Cafe
Site of Spinners, torn down. Now the Apple Pie Café.

Hardware Store
W.G. Murdoch School

Near Drumheller
Horsethief Canyon

Turner Valley
Turner Valley Gas Plant

Police Station (Google street view during filming in 2019)

Muncher chase Scene
Fort Macleod
Drumheller (in the movie the Telus building is the Summerville Post Office)
Fort Macleod
Chase ends at Spinners

Yellow BridgeLooking southwest


Ivo Shandor' original Ghostbusters movie building
Wiki Article

The Shining - the fictional Overlook HotelMap

The Tomorrow War

imDB webpage
Wiki webpage
946 eruption of Paektu Mountain
How is Paektu Mountain central to the story

Miscellaneous Movie locations: from

The Alamo in North of Brackettville, Texas
The remains of his mansion still stand. John Wayne fans will love a visit to the remains of this 1960 set that has since been used in more than 100 other westerns, music videos, and commercials.

Big Fish Town of Specter in Montgomery, Alabama
Situated on a private island, what remains of the idyllic town in the movie are just a few buildings and rundown streets.

Blue Cloud Movie RanchVideo
The Blue Sky Movie Ranch produced such Hollywood productions as "Zero Dark Thirty," "Iron Man," "True Blood," and "Junkyard Wars." one of the industry's top suppliers of "third world country" sets, and has everything from "foreign courtyards" to "war torn Afghanistan" sets. There's also 50's inspired town sets, a working diner, and even a full mine to film in.

Cypress Gardens, South Carolina
The Notebook, and also the filming location for Mel Gibson's 2000 movie The Patriot

The 2005 horror film Death Tunnel takes place in an abandoned sanitarium.
The film was filmed in a real abandoned sanitarium, Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky.

Field of Dreams Movie Site
The field where magic was created, where dreams become reality. Originally a farm, the makers of this 1989 Kevin Costner movie built a baseball field and it has remained ever since. Visitors can come and take a spin around the bases, or on occasion watch, the local “Ghost Players” play some innings.

The Fugitive Bus Scene in Dillsboro, North Carolina
Shot on a stretch of the Smoky Mountain Railroad, this iconic Harrison Ford scene is accessible today. The wrecks of the train and the bus still lay near the tracks for fans to visit.

Gunsmoke is one of the longest-running and most influential television shows in history, so it’s perhaps fitting that one of the sets is still standing despite production ending nearly 50 years ago. The facade of the show's Long Branch Saloon still stands in Kanab, Utah.

Hawthorne Plaza Mall From Gone Girl
The 2014 thriller Gone Girl opted to use a building already standing as part of its set. The Hawthorne Plaza Mall was once a bustling shopping center in Hawthorne, California. It met its decline in the late 1990s. Now, it’s a "dead mall," one that has seen many movie productions, including the TV series Westworld.

Hayden Ranch Historic Western Movie Town
The one-time set for the old "Judge Roy Bean" television series, produced and directed by the ranch's namesake Russel Hayden, the ranch maintains it's western flavor to this day. A Wells Fargo & Co. bank building, a sheriff's office and jail, rusty wagons, and Western artifacts remain at the ranch as a tribute to the fictional character Judge Roy Bean and Hayden, who made more than 30 of the half-hour shows. Hayden also produced the "Twenty-six Men" series and played Hopalong Cassidy's sidekick Luckie.

The Gas Station From The Hills Have Eyes
Even though The Hills Have Eyes is set in America, the producers decided to travel to the sand-swept city of Ouarzazate, Morocco, to build the iconic creepy gas station.

Henry River Mill Village, North Carolina, USA: The Hunger Games
Fans of the franchise can still join guided tours of the 72-acre site (which was originally built in 1905)

Iron Man Cerro Gordo Miness
2008's Iron Man, and the entire multibillion-dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe, kicked off when Tony Stark was kidnapped and held hostage in caves in Afghanistan. The shooting location was actually the Cerro Gordo Mines in Inyo County.

Jurassic World
The 2015 sequel/soft reboot Jurassic World. While most of the film's titular theme park was created through CGI, some of the parks were built practically on the site of the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans, which has been closed since being devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Dinner from Looper
The 2012 time travel film Looper has become a cult classic among science fiction fans. The structure was on a deserted portion of land near Napoleonville, Louisiana. The dinner before it was torn down

Lord of the Rings Hobbit Holes in Matamata, New Zealand
Luckily, this film set is easy to visit. Since the trilogies wrapped production, the locals have maintained the whimsical buildings and backdrops, and offer a variety of tours for fans to enjoy.

Malibu Creek State Park, California

Planet of the apes 1968 set

M*A*S*H Production Location
In the mountains of Malibu, you'll find the military vehicle used in M*A*S*H.
Pirates of The Caribbean's Port Royale in Wallilabou Anchorage, St. Vincents
Set from the hit 2003 film remains. There are props and buildings still standing, but things like the dock have gone into disrepair.

Popeye Village
The early 1980s live-action version of Popeye was a critical and commercial flop, however, even those who disliked the film often praised the full-scale sets that were constructed in Malta. Popeye's Village was initially abandoned after the film, however after the country noticed that visitors were drawn to the sets, they refurbished them and opened them as a very successful tourist attraction.

Filming Site of Ryan´s Daughter
For 1970's Ryan's Daughter, the filmmakers built a full-scale ancient Irish village just outside of the city of Dingle, Ireland. The set – including a schoolhouse – is still standing to this day, though admittedly some of it has succumbed to the rough Irish weather.

Schindler's List's Plaszow Camp in Krakow, Poland
The remains of the real labor camp were destroyed, so the filmmakers decided to create a replica. It was the only set built for the movie and still stands in the Krakus Mound Quarry.

Texas, Hollywood
Several famous westerns, including the iconic The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, were filmed on large western sets constructed in Almería, Spain. So many films were filmed there that the area earned the nickname "Texas, Hollywood." The sets are still standing today, and serve as a massive tourist attraction.

Site of the filming of Year One
The 2009 film Year One took a critical and commercial drubbing, However, since it was the last film made by legendary writer/director Harold Ramis, some fans might be interested in visiting the sets of the film, which are still standing in Sibley, Louisiana


The Planet

Earth - day/night
What If the Earth Was Flat?
10 Largest CitiesMap
The highest and lowest temperatures ever recorded
The top 10 hottest temperatures ever recorded
The Driest Place on EarthMap
Top 10 Wettest Places on EarthMap


Zoom Earth
AccuWeather satellite infrared Satellite
NOAA Weather Prediction
NOAA Imaging
Hurricane Tracker 1Hurricane Tracker 2
477-mile-long lightning bolt
Lightning MapTornado Tracking Hurricane Tracking
U.S. Infrared Satellite MapAccuWeather U.S. Satellite MapNOAA Globe Satellite Map
Air Quality
Coriolis EffectVideo explains "What Is An Atmospheric River? Explaining The Blessing And Curse"
Difference between high and low pressure weather systems
Another explanation of a Low-Pressure System?
High and low presuure systems rotation graphic
Hawaii weather: What is a Kona low?Map
Satellite Monitoring of Earth

Takes a bit to load - NASA Eyes on the Earth 3D interactive maps
Once you load one you can quickly change to other parameters on the site
Earth environmental satellites in orbit
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide
Sea Levels
Soil Moisture
Water Vapor
Gavity Field


Teaching the five themes of Geography
Continents Of The World


The most northern, western, & eastern state in the U.S. is one and the same!
Which U.S. town can see Russia from its shores?

Netherlands vs. HollandMap
Why is Kaliningrad part of Russia?Map
Landlocked Countries Without Direct Ocean AccessMap
Countries Surrounded by Another
Rivers effect on borders
Alaska boundary disputeArea Map



Science Daily Geology News



Meteors and Asteroids

NASA Eyes on Asteroids Interactive map
Takes a while to load, but its 3D interactive content is worth the wait!
List of impact craters on Earth
Meteor Crater, ArizonaMeteorite Exchange articleMap


Antarctica fish breeding area discovered
Bay of FundyHighest Tides in the World article
  Not to be confused with the Tallest place on earth Marianas TrenchMap
What deep water port is the farthest from the sea?
Record-breaking rogue wave
What is the Sargasso Sea?All Things Nature articleWikiMap
Satellites reveal hidden features at the bottom of Earth's seas

La SoufrièreMap


The Earth's Water   Where is Earth's Water?
Areas and Volumes of the Great Lakes

Orkney Islands


Great Glen, Scotland, United Kingdom (and Loch Ness)

The Great Glen: coast to coast along Scotland’s rift valley


Aleutian Islands campaignBattle Map
Berlin WallPerserved strip of the cold war barrierMap
Camp Century - US nuke base in the ArcticMap
Fort Pillow MassacreMap
Great Lakes Aircraft Carriers – The U.S. Navy’s Forgotten Fresh-Water Flattops
Conducted the most take offs and landings over the course of World War 2
Where they docked
Hindenburg disaster Map

Largest aircraft in the world

Simple Flying Article
The original hanger and what it is being used for today
It spent a number of years under a dome at the mouth of the Los Angeles River in Long Beach. Map
Where it is today Map

Pearl Harbor

Britannica Article ArticleMap
Radar site that detected the Japanese inbound planes  Map
Map that shows why it was thought that the planes could be coming from the "states"

Interesting Locations

Asia & Australia

Aokigahara forest
China's Giant Telescope
Coober Pedy - Australia's Awesome Underground City
  World's Opal CapitalMap


Bridge on the River Kwai - Thailand's Death RailwayMap
Hashima IslandMap
North Sentinel island shipwreck

Middle East

Dead SeaMap

North America

Area 51 Article
Auburn, California - The Statues of Ken FoxMap
Mount Magazine - Arkansas's highest pointIn the WinterMap
Cheyenne Mountain ComplexMap
Crazy Horse MonumentBusiness Insider Article
Devil's TowerInfo
The Erie TriangleMap
Four CornersInfo
Frank's PlaceMap
Geographical Center of the U.S.Info
Hells Canyon - Deepest canyon in the AmericasWikiMap
The spillway of Lake BerryessaMap
Mt. RushmoreInfo
Mt. ThorMap
Nevada Test SiteMercury, NVArticle about living in the town Map
Sedan CraterMapArea Map
Nuclear Rocket Development StationArea 25Map
Pillar Point Air Force StationMap
The Pyramid of North Dakota: WikiVirtual tourMap
Serpant Article

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository HistoryMap

South America

Cascada el Pailon del DiabloAmazing Places articleMap

Tallest place on earth ?
WikiEquatorial Bulge - YouTube


North Yungas "Death" RoadMap

Lost Inca GoldYanacocha (or Black Lake) gold mine map

Machu PicchuMap


Geographic Oddities

Human Lips
Circular lake near Buenos Aires
Devil's TowerInfo
Malibu Underwater ObjectHuffington Post Article
Native American FaceLondon Express Article
An island in a lake on an island in a lake on a island


Largest Coca-Cola Logo
Utah Mystery MonolithLA Times Article


Air Travel

Flight Survival Guide

U.S. Aircraft Flight Charts

Flightaware Aircraft Tracking
AtlantaBostonCharlotteChicago OhareDallas
DenverLos AngelesMiamiNew York JFKPhoenix
SacramentoSan FranciscoSeattleWashington Nat

Current worldwide air traffic
Airliners currently in flight by airline
Aircraft type currently in flight
Flight Delays
Flight Cancellations

RadarBox Flight Tracking: Planes currently in flight

Article that discusses ADS-B aircraft tracking of Elon Musk's plane

Airline seating maps

Find a plane by registration or tail number
Airliners in Storage

Freedoms of the Air - ForbesMap

Airliner fuel consumption

What does it take to fly over the poles?

Why Do Pilots Measure Airspeed In Knots? articleFrom
Latitude and longitude on the globeOne nautical mile

Aircraft Price & Operating Costs

Flight Radar 24 hours of trans-atlantic flight 2016
Flights That Time Travel


The US Airports At The Highest Altitudes

Most conjested air route: San Francisco Bay area to Los Angeles metroplex

Gatwick ExpansionLondon's Area Airports - Map

Ryanair 737 flies into a flock of Herons

Alaska Airlines Bear StrikeAlaska PBS Article

Why Is Lukla Nicknamed The World's Most Dangerous Airport? Simple Flying Article

United Wants To Operate Electric Air Taxis starting in the Los Angeles area in 2026Simple Flying Article

The Airline That Hasn't flown On A Tuesday In 2021: Allegiant Air See the flights they have currently in the air.

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